A Balance of Art and Science


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A Balance of Art and Science

Art is about self-expression and self-confidence. Science is measuring and observing the outside world. Both are important in developing a financial portfolio or a marketing program.

At YRG, our responsibility begins by talking with your customers, not just talking at them. Because we appreciate how you have to listen to the voice of your market as much as the market needs to hear yours.

This entails more than formal, bloodless, quantitative analysis, and less than designing communications by customer committee. It means getting your YRG team immersed in how your customers think, speak and behave, so we can talk their language and yes, feel their pain. Sometimes a few minutes’ conversation with any and all of your stakeholders – not only customers, but also sales reps, distributors, affiliates and employees – can be more informational and inspirational than all the PowerPoints in your corporate file.

From product design and pricing to sales and marketing, everyone benefits from a continuing dialog with your customers and prospects. So through online interaction, surveys and web tracking, tapping into the knowledge of editors and analysts, and through our own one-to-one contact with your customers and other stakeholders, YRG aims to strike a balance between informing and staying informed.