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One of the Northwest’s longest continually operating advertising agencies, Young & Roehr was born to be B2B the day we opened our doors in Portland back in 1968. Our founding client, Boise Cascade, came to us for help in moving their timber and paper products through complex chains of distribution into a variety of different industries. Our strategy succeeded. The relationship clicked. Despite upheavals in their industry and changes in corporate leadership and location, Boise remained a client for 35 years.

In a business notorious for fickleness and flighty relationships, Young & Roehr has always inspired uncommon loyalty and longevity. From the start, YRG has displayed an uncanny connection with clients, unconditional respect for employees, and a passion for innovation and change that keeps abreast, if not ahead, of the rest of the business world.

We were, for example, one of the first agencies to forego traditional commissions for straight fee-for-time compensation … to offer stock options to employees … to embrace computers agency-wide, way back when … and to adopt the ESOT model of employee ownership … and most recently, to answer today’s daunting marketing challenges by balancing traditional advertising skills with an equal balance of exceptional Internet services and PR talent.