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Business-to-business marketing
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No soap. No shoes. No burgers. If your B2B customers make critical purchase decisions with all the deliberation they put into buying a cheeseburger, you may not need YRG’s business-to-business marketing focus.

But if the technical details matter, if the selling process typically involves multiple influencers and a lengthy process, and if the means of communication are significantly different from the consumer and retail trades, our B2B know-how can make a big difference.

For 35 years, Young & Roehr Group has been steeped in the communications problems unique to business-to-business marketing in a spectrum of industries. From microcontrollers to heavy trucks, from educational testing services to electronic medical record systems, we have created and executed innovative strategies built on a deep understanding of the market, the decision process, the product and its competitors, the sales channel, client culture and other factors. These are factors requiring disciplines not better, but simply different, than what it takes to market springtime freshness or a sesame seed bun.

Even the best VP of Manufacturing may not make a great CFO. And the skills to do great consumer work don’t easily translate into effective B2B. The disciplines are different, if equally important. From brand-building to Internet marketing, research to media relations, we know how a B2B play works. How it “goes public.” And how it pays off.