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    Internet Marketing

    It’s no surprise that as business professinals turn to the Internet to find product and service information that a greater percentage of marketing dollars are shifting to Internet marketing. YRG, which opened its Internet marketing services in the early 90’s, provides a full suite of services designed to take full advantage of the medium’s ability to enable continual measurement and refinement of ROI. Our expertise includes:

    Website Design ServicesRegardless of whether it’s your first web site or a fifth generation, our Internet marketing services ensure that your site will be developed to be results oriented, and friendly to both visitors and search engines. More

    Web Analytics
    Building your site is just the beginning. Understanding where your visitors are coming from and where they are going on your site is critical to getting a return on your website investment. Our understanding of web analytics can help your website produce actionable results that go straight to the bottom line. More

    Search Engine Optimization Services
    Did you find us via a keyword search on a search engine? Just as you are likely to have found our site via a keyword search, our optimization services can make it easy for qualified and targeted prospects to find your website as well. More

    Website Promotion ServicesLaunching a site is only the start – qualified visitors are a necessity. Our Internet marketing services include strategies that drive your target audience to the information they want and give you a warm lead to follow up on. More