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We call it “Mobius Marketing” – meaning integration inside and out. A Mobius Strip is a three-dimensional object with one side and one edge: just give a strip of paper a half-twist before you form it into a circle, and you’ll see how this is possible. The Mobius is our metaphor for the continuum that’s possible when your communications portfolio is truly integrated and managed as one.

There are two common alternatives to integrated marcom: Full-service agencies that are so segmented or specialized or creatively-driven that the teams either don’t talk to each other or don’t let long-term strategy stand in the way of a kick-ass idea. And the “best-of-breed” approach by which companies dole out portions of their marcom to various specialists – usually at the expense of a cohesive plan.

Many marcom companies call themselves “integrated,” when all they really mean is “inclusive.” That doesn’t mean that their PR, paid media and Internet marketing people actually plan and execute together, or that their departments won’t actually compete with each other for the client’s budget. No wonder that these days, “integrated marketing” packs all the punch of a Nerf Ball. In contrast, YRG’s seamless full service offers a symphony of communications instruments conducted as a single voice.

YRG’s Mobius is a multi-twisted model in which Planning, Awareness-building, Lead Generation, Fulfillment, Relationship Development and Test and Measurement components merge together to create preference, provoke response, and cement customer commitment. We define monitoring and measurement mechanisms right up front, at the planning stage, so we’re always tracking and fine-tuning against goals.