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Brains for business
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If your communications team doesn’t have a solid grasp of your industry, products, distribution and sales processes, your customer will sense it like a tiger senses fear. At YRG, every member of your communications team takes it as his or her responsibility to be steeped in the details of your business and your customer’s business, and what’s important to all of you.

Which is why a common refrain we hear from new clients is, “Our last agency just didn’t get it. But you do.”

Today, YRG offers impressive credentials in technologies ranging from components to enterprise software, in healthcare, financial, education, transportation, manufacturing and business tourism, to name but a few. That doesn’t mean that we know your business – every business is different – but that we are able to learn it fast and that we don’t shoot from the lip until we do.

Consumer marketing communications can sometimes do its job of brand-building simply by drawing attention to itself. In general, however, effective B2B and Internet marketing communications is all about the customer. It implicitly empathizes with the pain of the purchase influencers and the organization. It demonstrates mastery of the terminology. It is as relevant as it is arresting. It integrates within a communications portfolio. And it pays dividends at the end of the day.

We get that, too.