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Although YRG is a specialist in business-to-business, we also specialize in fun. Whether it’s decompressing at our weekly Fridays@4 … succumbing to an impromptu challenge at the in-house Pac-Man or pool table … celebrating the end of the fiscal year offsite (anywhere from the local Sheraton to Lake Tahoe depending on the success of the year) – YRGers are encouraged to play as hard as they work. Or is it the other way around?

In fact, it’s the work that’s the most fun and, in doing it right, the most rewarding activity of all. At YRG you’ll find a growing and close-knit team of professionals who, yes, work long and hard, but never so hard they can’t have a life. And although pride in our work and commitment to our beliefs runs as high as it should in any creative environment, in the YRG culture, self-expression and self-confidence never crumble into pomposity or self-importance, turf wars or educational stagnation.

If that sounds like something you might want to be part of, as client or employee-partner, give us a call.